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Saturday, October 21, 2006

I m bored. It’s a boring day. I think I am having gastric. Not feeling too good. Just came back from watching “The Prestige”. Boring. Hate to admit it but, Mr Jackman as much as I looove you, your movie almost put me to sleep. Moving on…

Bought some killer heels yesterday. Bloody killers. Nice to look at but my poor poor feet. Actually, my left foot was alright, fits well, but it was agony for my right foot – my right foot is a bit fatter than the other, plus I wear a toe ring here, and taking the toe ring off is not an option. Don’t ask why, I won’t be able to answer why either, ‘cept that I am just weird like that.

So I’ve been walking around these “beautiful” offices today in flip flops today.

Is it time to go yet?


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