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Saturday, November 25, 2006

~*bad day...

Tis a bad day. So far. Got a ticket for parking by the road side while getting some stuff from the convenience store on the way to work. It's a spot where everyone does that. But I got summoned. So that's at least 50bucks gone. Just like that. Damn the overzealous enforcers who preys on easy target - like parked vehicles - rather than the snatchers or other just as bad-ass criminals. Damn them.

Work is as sucky as always. Damn the server probs. And then for the past few days I've been either getting annoying prank calls or dirty texts from anonimous numbers. And the strange thing is, I have not been meeting people much for the last couple of months. My hanging outs were just with the close friends - I seriously do not remember meeting/making friends with creeps like that. Sigh. Revenge of the Exs? Damn them all.

Sigh... it's only 11:48am and with my luck, things will always get worse throughout the day. Fingers crossed. Hope I am wrong this time.


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