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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

~* of emo and passport...

It wasn't an unusual day. It wasn't particularly unpleasant. Stressful, yes. Busy, yes, but we also got to spend half the day in the towers and got to go home at 4pm today. But, not happy la... emo. I know what's affecting me, and that's for me to know. But nothing to do with guys.

Another blow to my day was to discover that my passport expires on 20 April 2009, and I am travelling this Friday. Damn. And at that exact moment, bloody streamyx chose to go kaput on me. So had to bloody spend a few bucks to google for the nearest immigration locale via phone lor. And guess what, immediately after I got the info, came into the room, bloody streamyx decided to work again. Wtf. 6bucks credit burned.


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