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Friday, November 21, 2008


Early morning, he came over. Said he got a question, and hope I'll say yes. Would I have breakfast with him and another colleague of his, he asked. I said yes, and we went. I was truly happy. He even told dolly his dread for moving to the new building include not being able to see me so often. That was yesterday.

He came over to my cube frequently the whole of today after the breakfast. We chatted. We flirted, sort of. He asked to add him in FB. I did. I totally forgotten that one of my previous status mentioned something about cute spotty boy. And to my horror, only realised that when there's a mail from him in my Inbox asking if i was refering the spotty boy to him??? I just replied with a smile. What can I say? Roomie says, on the bright side, that is one hell of a hint to encourage him to ask me out soon. That was this evening.

Just got in bed and got online after a night out with my girls. Logged on FB to learn more about him, and learnt something too hard to swallow. He is married. W.T.F.

Now in bed, in front of my notebook, tossing between disbelief and sadness. My mind is filled with whys, but the why is not why did he lead me on like this, he might genuinely like me. The heart is a cruel thing. The why here is more like why does this have to happen to me. I will not do this. It is too cruel a joke.

It took a long time for me to crush this hard for him, and it took just one second to crush the dreams in my head.


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