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Friday, September 05, 2008

~*ode to a pink shirt...

I am not a fan of shirts. Hardly wear them, thus hardly buys them. Any, ahem, non-flat chested people will share my similar predicament. The shirts sold here are all catered for the less well endowed lot. People like me, wearing those shirts are very prone to wardrobe malfunctions, u know - buttons coming off, thus causing the peek-a-boo effect (u know what i mean :p) etc etc.

That is why I am writing this today, to sing my high praises for my RM25 (on sale ma...) Marks & Spencer shirt! Not only was it cheap, it has erm... allocation for the... extra female... bumps? Haha... No malfunctions in any way, and shows off the erm, the curves quite nicely.

Haha... it's a weird entry, I know. But I am weird like that. I am also extremely tired right now. Only 3 workdays for me this week and I am beat flat! Bad english, yea... what can ya do... I need a vacation soon!!!


  • At 1:05 AM, Blogger MK said…

    hehehe i so feel ya dolly!!


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