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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

~*I am weird but guys are weirdER :p

I’ve been meaning to write about some thoughts that we’ve shared over the weekend on relationships, not the lovey dovey type but relationships with guy friends, and the roles we play in these relationships. I’ve been single for quite a long time now, and I always thought that I’ve already forgotten how be in a lovey dovey relationship, but lately I’ve discovered that, that’s not the only type of relationship with a guy that I don’t know how to be in. Turns out, I suck at being in a friendly relationship with the opposite gender as well. Relationship with guy friends are all fine and stuff, UNTIL I start to actually hang out with them (Just a note: roomie is just as bad if not worse, haha...). This is where the gender role thing comes into play.

The thing with being single and 31 is that, you can get overly self dependent. I mean, if you’re single and living out on your own, you pretty much have to stand all on your own, right? You make decisions on your own, you do most of everything yourself, you pride yourself for being uber self sufficient and in control, often telling yourself what the guys can do, you can probably do it better and pretty soon your world tend to be all about you and your self sufficiency. And if you’re like me, you might even come to think, what are guys useful for anyways?

But that’s not good, right? Not especially when you have guy friends that you start to hang out with. Like it or not, you have to let go of your control, sit back and let your guy friend BE a guy and do his thing. I’ve also learnt that you can’t be doing all the thinking or decision making (even though it might be the better decision, sometimes :p) cos if you do, you risk getting them pissed, and you, ending up wondering why they got pissed when you're are actually thinking it for their benefit anyway. Not so fun when that happens. So... that was my lesson learnt last weekend, thanks to a certain friend.


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