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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

~* words from ma new cube...

It's 1:45pm. 15 more mins till lunch break is over, 15 mins till the lights in the towers are back up. Today's the first day I am here at my new cube. How am I liking it so far? If only you can see my face. I have to limit (very limited damn it!) all my extracurricular online activities ie. facebook, blog etc. etc. to lunch time now since my place is so in the open and my monitor is the biggest around here - stupid cheapskate baconshop didn't gimme a new flat, compacted one. :(

I know I whine too much about this, especially since this IS a promotion, but I am not a corporate ladder person at heart :( my ambitions are elsewhere, And there's someone snoring loudly, 2 cubes away right now. Dang.

Sigh... Anyways, caught Sex & The City Movie with mom last weekend. I think it is better suited to be a Season 7 of the series rather than the movie. None of the characters were memorable since everything has to be compacted into a 2hour plus movie. Also I've learnt that it can get uncomfy watching love/sex stuff with a parent. I guess am that conventional when it comes to parents.

Got to get back to cracking my head now, lights will be up in 5 mins. Work work work... sigh. Snoring stopped. Time for a cuppa.


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