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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

~*kidney beans...

A little regret + a little pressure + a little room that’s just a little too warm = A WHOLE FREAKING SLEEPLESS NIGHT, that’s what! Seriously.

I am already pretty woozy throughout the day due to fever, and some kidney infection, but not being able to sleep, Really takes the cake. It is pure cruelty. Seriously.

On a positive note, the leukocyte count in ma pee has gone down 2 boxes (in reference to the tiny color tabs on the urinalysis… heee…), so yay. The doctor had already prepared his referral letters for admission, just in case it got worse, but thankfully it obviously didn’t. I am here whining aren’t I? :p

Still kinda woozy, not sure from over consumption of water or what. Can’t wait to go home and hit my one and Only sleeping pill I got from the clinic this morning. Doctors can be so paranoid when you ask them for sleeping pills, as if one pill will make you an addict or something. Anyways… wish me better health y’all. Heee…


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