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Friday, June 13, 2008

~*ciao bella...

I am dead tired. Been working at the philly 3days in a row since Tuesday and 2 of these were events, and events, fun as they may be, are killers. On normal concert days, you get to chill out and sit once it’s started, but events, you usually end up being on your feet for more than 3 hours, start to the end. Arrghh… I am just exhausted. It could be pms, but the work definitely played a part.

Last evening’s event was for the launching of the Italian treasure week in philly. Stradivarius violins over a couple hundred years old were on display. For the untrained eyes like mine, they just looked like… used violins lor. Anyways, there were lots of vvips ie. Sultan of some state and his brother was here, Italian ambassador, and lots more rich, dignified looking people. After the launch there was a nice, not huge but a nice spread of Italian refreshment – from risotto, gnocchi, tortellini, gelato, baby octopus (YUMS!), cheese tartlets, tiramisu (YUMMMS!), gelato etc. etc. and not forgetting the free flow of Italian wines. I wasn’t in the mood for wine, but roomie Really helped herself to those. Good for her. All in all, it was an enjoyable evening. And we got paid for it.
Mad props to ma part time philly bacon.


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