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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

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The video/song that never fail to put a smile on my face… almost, actually I think I melted while watching this. He may not have the best voice, but he sure has the most unique and I am sure, all his fans melted as well..

Last weekend was just plain crazy and hectic. Started on Friday night, we were actually triple booked -
1) the youth chamber concert which was supposed to be only from 6.30pm to 7.30pm, which leaves us enough time to attend the
2) KLCC tenant night’s cocktail/dinner event at the kl convention centre next door before going off to
3) Portia’s “hen night” party at 9pm.

However, the concert went on much later than scheduled, because our least fave conductor (I believe the word used was the stupid Kiev, his name :p) fitted in 18 pieces without informing earlier, and it was already about 8:30 when we finally manage to leave. The concert was still on going.

So now we had to miss the tenant’s night thingy, and rush for a good friend's hen night at 9pm, which got postponed to 9.30pm (btw, she reached even later than that) and she had the courtesy to text and let us know at 9pm itself. We were furious of course! since we had to leave our jobs early, endured some sarcastic remarks from a few people left working eventhough a lot of others actually left at 7:30pm as per the original schedule. And we also had to miss the scrumptious dinner and entertainment at KLCC, only to have her tell us it’s postponed. Her other friends came even later, but we just kept quiet, it being her party and all... :(

Really, really pissed when people have no respect for other people’s time. It’s as if you have nothing else to do but sit around at their beck and call, and your time is not as important as theirs? Hate that we had to sacrifice a whole lot to be where we didn’t even want to be in the first place, and especially for the reasons stated in the previous post. So anyways, we just suck it up and was all smiley and stuff when the whole party arrived.

It was fine at first, everyone had on the leis and the bride to be, her faux veil that I'd rushed to get the night before, and then she had to go crash her colleague’s bachelor party just across the road. What did we do there? Sit. Just sat there, and had some leftover chicken wings etc because the whole “party” that followed her there was bored to tears while she had her fun with the bachelor party’s party. (get? :p) By now 3 of the girls, has already jumped ship and left. Clever girls.

Anyways, after the party crashing, we decided to go to the Snooty Club, finally. The girl in the other car was going to send the future bride and another girl there first, since my car was quite a long walk away and we specifically told them to wait for us at the lobby there. Upon reaching, I got a call from the bride's future hubby. Apparently not very sober, telling me that it’s my responsibility to take care of his “baby”, his bride, since I am the maid of honor, that I must return her to him after the night in good condition, and I must promise him that… bla bla bla… I just said ok to him, and ended the call. For anyone who doesn’t know, it is one of my pet peeve when someone asks or says things like that. Just because someone is getting married, he/she suddenly becomes more “special” and worthy of “care” than the rest of us the “lesser” single people? Or suddenly became too retarded and dumb to take care of themselves, eventhough they are nearing 30years of age? And suddenly it is MY responsibility??? I would take care of my friend without anyone telling me to do so. It’s just what a normal human being would do, but to tell me it’s my responsibility and I have to promise you to take good care of your “baby”? So. Not. Cool.

The story did not end there. We parked our car and went up. They were not at the lobby and did not answer their phone, and to make matters worse, the bouncers will not let us in, maybe we weren’t wearing fancy clothes or whatever. And since one of the idiots standing guard said he is sure he’s seen some girl with faux veil and another girl went up earlier, we HAD to go up to look for them. They only allow one of us. So I went. I searched the whole place but can’t find them. I went back down. By this time, everyone’s panicked, and almost got into a row with the bouncer/manager/scum person. Lastly this scum person agreed to let Roomie up to look again, while being “escorted” by him. We are good people and we do not get into things like that in clubs ok. Obviously fcking pissed by now, my phone rang. The missing bride's number. The other girl called and said they went to some other bar to meet up with their respective partners cos she didn’t know what to do with the apparently very drunk bride, who by the way did NOT, I repeated DID NOT seem that drunk when we left her with the other girls.

We could not have been more pissed. Seriously. I called her hubby’s phone to confirm that she’s with him and is ok and also to yell at the muthafcker for calling me and talking those crap when his “baby” was already with him, to tell him it wasn’t funny to play with people who were genuinely concern and worried sick, but I didn’t. I just talked real loud. He would be obviously too pissed to remember that anyway. Pissheads.

Anyways, the bride called Roomie yesterday. We didn’t pick up her call during weekend though. Roomie told her about the Snooty Club incident. She seemed really sorry when she called me later, said she was really drunk and didn’t know why they didn’t call to tell us the change of venue. I told her it’s ok. There was no point in arguing. Nothing more to be said. Getting married was not an excuse to push people around to that extend. Tolerance has its limits. Just can’t wait for the whole wedding to be over. We are done entertaining people whose world revolves just around them.

No offense to happy couples getting married. I am damn happy for you guys, but just know that there are other people in this world too, and it’s not too much to ask for a little consideration.


  • At 3:56 PM, Blogger Dandelion said…

    i yang read onni pun feel pissed... u for sure lagi geram kan.. :(

    takper, just imagine u smack the 'hubby' hard on his head.. then u imagine u conteng the 'wifey' face with permanent blue marker.. hahaha.. sure feel okay one afterwards.

    hmm.. i wonder how u marah the bouncers.. sure very fierce one arr u.. :p

  • At 8:21 AM, Blogger blossoms_stoned said…

    wah evilnyer u - blue marker... wah.... :p *hugs*


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