~*because i got high....

Friday, October 05, 2007

~*sting lika beee.....

I boxed. I boxed! And I kicked! I boxed and kicked! And it was hella fun!
Whole body sore and aching but well worth it! So looking forward to more! Yay!

Road trip this Sunday. Journey to the east. Just the two of us roomie and I, but will be meeting up with da Pimp, our gracious host and tour guide there. Hopefully it will be one major R&R trip... climbing some hill to watch the sunrise, cam whoring with baby turtles, and basically just chill by the beach, taking in all that South China Sea has to offer.

On an unrelated note, almost done with Potter book 6 now. Can't wait to finish, but at the same time not wanting to finish it especially since roomie hasn't got the final book yet. Not really feasible for me to get it though since all the Potter books lying in our place are hers. Sigh...


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