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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Coming soon ~ Bikini bod under construction...

Geez... how time flies. Didn't seem that long since my last piece of 'work' on mechanic bashing. 3 weeks hiatus is not that long is it? Anyways, I've been kindly pestered by some dandelions across my cube to update my blog the last couple of days, and I thought alright, might as well do it now and be pester free for the next... 3 weeks?

The last couple of weeks has been tight, with 2 or 3 (last week was 4!)concerts a week. Yea, that's my part time thingy with the MPO. Fast forward to last week, I was ecstatic to get to see the concerts that I really wanted to see performing at the MPO - one by some Latin Jazz musician and another feat. a Korean soprano. I also got a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness how the lobby between the towers being transformed into a gorgeous club-ish setting (just like watching Party Planner live), for some posh architectural award event thing, AND manage to score some kick ass (only a lot of money can buy :p haha) suite seats for ma friend and his hot wife (according to girl next room) for the soprano concert.
Was real glad that they managed to have a good time with all the drama happening pre-show. So appreciative that they insisted on buying me dinner! Sweet. :p

Based on the above, I've already counted myself lucky and that the week was a pretty good one, but lo. And then there was the MATTA fair last weekend. Went with girl next room to scout for Europe packages and get some estimates on our budget for the trip next year. As we were walking leisurely past the many MANY travel booths, some guy came up, yelled "come spin the wheel and win some vacation packages!" So spin the wheel we did. Girl next room spin first and got a night stay at a local resort. As i was about to touch the wheel, the people surrounding the wheel said that only one can spin "The Wheel" (ooohhh...) so, of course I protested, a bit, and said how come I don't get to spin it? I guess it was still quite early in the day and their tolerance level was still quite up there, they let me spin "The Wheel" with the condition that only one prize will be given for both of us. It didn't matter, I didn't really care, I just wanted to spin that damn thing. And so with one mighty flick of my hand, spun it did "The Wheel".
I was prepared to walk off after flicking, but guess where the bugger stopped? 8 days 7 nights Gold Coast, baby!!!

Ok, I wasn't that excited at that point of time, still trying to figure out if it was a hoax. Apparently it Wasn't a hoax (after half hour of listening to the guy explain about the deal). So yippee for now. One extra burden to get the flight tickets to go to a continent that wasn't even in our scope of travel.
Anyways, just as the excitement of going to Oz and meeting up with some old friend there started building up, I was led once again by this girl who kept saying she'll give me a holiday package if I'll listen to her yak for half hour. Ok by now I've become a freebies ho, so there i sat waiting for my free voucher, and thanks to that, we now have a road trip coming up on the 7th of next month to a lovely beachside resort on the other coast for a couple of nights. Nice right? But I will not say that I got real lucky at the fair, for now... actually until I've ACTUALLY gotten my free stays, which will be...well, the first one's coming up in less than a month. We'll see.

Ooh, forgot to mention that I've sent in some sob story to a local radio station for their section where they try to "fix" people's problem AND got myself a 6months free gym membership thingy. So I guess no more excuses not to work out on rainy days huh!
Woo hooooooo..... Look out beaches!!!


  • At 9:36 AM, Blogger Raykziee said…

    Yuhuu. after hard works at philhrmonic for couple of weeks.. You get reqarded with number of vacations flowing in like christmas gifts wor.. nice2..congrats wei.. siok2..can go gold coast, beaches. darn cheng FOC sumore for accomadation.
    Real Lucky time your had as the force be with you =P

    yah thx for the tixs u got me and gengs for the philharmonic the other day. It was my 1st time yey. =)

    Cheers - Aza Aza Fighting ~~


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