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Friday, August 24, 2007

~*there's a vip lounge in Hell for mechanics!

If anyone reading this, somehow, has a close mechanic friend or relative, I hope they are decent enough human beings, to not need to go to that special place reserved for them down there. That is how much I HATE them! And if you ARE a mechanic and is offended, well, why should you be if you're not one of them bad ones?

Needless to say, IT has been a tremendously lousy week. Firstly, one of the parents had to go through an angioplasty, and due to that, there were the endless traveling from the parents place to the hospital to the baconshop (all NOT remotely nearby from one to another), and having to repeat the cycle a few times a day for a couple of days has not made me the perkiest. Good thing is that, thankfully the procedure went smoothly and he's well on recovery. Another tiny ounce of goodness were the concerts. There were 2 this week, that's almost a hundred bucks for 4 hours of work(?).

But as always, when things are looking slightly better, bad things tend to feel a teensy bit left out and HAD to come by and say their big fat ugly Mthrfckin hello and today's "hello" has just cost me about 600 mthrfckin bucks! It all started with a burst tyre, which was only about 100plus, but then, after further "evaluation" on the car, I somehow ended up with a bill close to 600 mthrfckin bucks!! And the fcker who's fixing my car just called to tell me that this "other" part needs work on it as well and that's another extra 300bucks. To that I said sod off, and just leave that alone. I don't care how dangerous it may be, I'll take my chances and get a 2nd opinion. Tqvm and damned the fckr, in my head of course! I'll damn him aloud after getting my car back.


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