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Friday, August 10, 2007

*~Of fairies and nymphs...

The annual Ad Ball’s theme this year is going to be Masquerade. Saw it in the papers today. The article came with the pic of a couple (well, I don’t know if they ARE a couple, but there’s a man and a woman…. anyways...) holding some very nice looking venetian masks. I like.

I’ve always had a fascination with the Venetian masquerade balls. The costumes are splendidly elaborate, the masks exquisite, and the settings… gorgeous. Yea, I like these stuff a lot. The idea of hiding behind a mask, getting into character and be someone else for just one night can be so… (for the lack of a better word) Hot! I like.

Not in the pink of health today. Nose was itching and throat felt scratchy the entire night. Took some flu med before coming to work this morning. Good thing the medicine only kicked off a while after reaching the baconshop. I must’ve passed out for about 15 mins(?). However, despite the meds, it got worse throughout the day esp. after lunch. Feels like an infection. Feeling pretty sick now. Still a couple more hours to go.
Damn. I don’t like!


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