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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

~*sweets anyone?

So, I've been on a hiatus of some sort. Pimpy and Ms T reminded me a couple of times when they drop by to hang out last weekend so I thought it may be time to get out of my blog rut for a bit, whether or not I have much to say actually :p

What's been going on the in the month of May? Let's see, there was the monthly karaoke session 2 weeks back, but I am kinda getting bored of it now. My voice can be so inconsistent, I could be pretty alright one month and sucks big time the next month. Last month's was basically a screaming session - they had the original Linkin Park karaoke... who would've thought??? I am sure the people in other rooms suffered a little bit. In my defense, I were just trying to cover their endless dangduts/shrieking - which were really no walk in the park for my ears, you know.

Unfortunately, there were a few glitches during the karaoke sessions that caused "major" disturbance(in the force... haha - ya ya... I am such a geek!). The machine thing hung a few times, and we had to re-choose the song list umpteenth times, which caused major irritation to the roomies. Who were so pissed that they HAD to do "things" to blow off the steam, apparently. So we decided drive up to the "city of entertainment" at about half past 10, just for the heck of it.
We hung around, almost caught a way-past midnight movie, but tickets were sold out, didn't go into the casinos 'cos we were not looking forward to part with more money that night, so... chill in the park admist the cool cool air, we did. That was quite nice. Maybe we can do that next time you come down here eh, Pimpy? T?

Then there were endless hours in my parents kitchen, baking. Made scones, muffins and cookies. had to give my beloved cupcakes a rest for now. Reason? The stuff needed to make perfect cupcakes the way I wanted them to be are pretty expensive and I can't really afford them right now. On a positive note, my scones kicked ass and my first batch of gingerbread cookies were not too shabby. Muffin's just edible :p need more practice.

Think I am done with this for now. Will update last weekend's happenings later... god willing :D


  • At 9:30 AM, Blogger Hanson said…


    I didn't get a taste of some of that kick-ass scones, did I? hmmmm...

    Anyway, KK trip postponed? No problem, then I can conserve for a larger Indian trip.

    When can we expect more sweets from you in this blog. I'm looking forward to more... he he he!

    Tigger boi


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