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Monday, April 16, 2007


How was your weekends folks? I had a... alright just an ok one.
Went bar hopping Friday night to some poser joints near the baconshop as mentioned previously. A little recap...

The 1st one was cool and swanky (?), all done up in white with a patio bar, and there's a belly dancer making rounds about every 15 minutes, gyrating what her momma gave her, oh, who also happens to be a belly dancing instructor whose class I've attended once and enjoyed tremendously. Anyways the crowd was, as poser-ish as expected, and due to lack of standing spots we were seated at a table which was way huge, if you weren't filling it up with food, which makes conversation a yelling match and we left after one drink. Weren't feeling the vibe, esp. since it wasn't our kind of music, and we were just not very good in posing. Oh, and the name of the place goes something like some number eating another number :p

The 2nd bar was way up in the sky, and aptly named just that. The place was pretty nice looking as well, with tables and seatings lined up on both sides of a swimming pool and a gorgeous view of the city and the baconshop! :D A little quieter than the former, more relaxing, and a good placoure if you wanna just sit back and chill. But, we were looking forward to shake what momma gave us, so, we were also out of there after one drink.

The 3rd and final one, looked like a playground for rich old folks as the Lans put it. But it was the most fun we've had all night. And I've just realized that this was not what i originally intend to write about today... bugger.
I am no review blogger, I am a whiny blogger... eesh... way out of my elements here. What I really wanted to write about last Friday was the emo aspects of the night not the locales.
Anyways, I'll leave this as it is... cheers.


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