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Thursday, March 22, 2007

~*M&M's anyone?

The title, has no apparent meaning, obviously. Couldn't think of an appropriate title today, since this is going to be another episode of random ramblings, written by a restless me, while popping the Ms. Want one?

So, what to ramble on, what to crap about? Ah yes, let's talk about my new found obsession - if you can call that new - TV series!
Let's talk about the beauty of TV series, albeit on dvd - you see, patience has not always been a virtue of mine - the joy it has brought, the wrinkles it has added, and the sleepless nights it has caused.

Yes, the beauty of series on dvd. Never again shall I feel bored... well, except when the series ran out, of course. But a quick trip to the friendly neighborhood dvd store and voila!~ New series to replace that halted one.

Yes, yes, people say that the tube rots your mind, and what good does one get from watching lots of tv, your social life will slowly but surely cease to exist and you'll grow fat (although in my case, the last one's well taken care of pre-series days...M burps!) Well, i can't and will not disagree entirely, but as in everything else in the world, there are the pros and the cons, and in this the cons being the obvious points stated not far above, but the pros? How about it occupies my time, relatively cheap? There are books, you say? Yea,sure, books are great, I love 'em, but have you checked the prices of them good books lately? No help that I am a fussy (I can't help but be reminded of a less dignified similar LOOKing word...) reader, and I have the attention span of a... what was I saying?... anyway, you get the idea on this.

Next, social life ceasing to exist? You see, I used to be REALLY outgoing (some would probably say over outgoing, and I would not disagree!), REALLY sociable, and people would not believe it if god forbid I have no plans for the weekends/weekdays/whatsoever, but I don't recall being as content, and at peace as I am now, holed up at home with my homies and my TVs (yea, the big one's for dvds and the small one's for cable. My 'ol faithful twosome! :D)
Less social life for me, really means less heart/head/whatsoever aches that comes with the package of going out, meeting "new" people. There's nothing wrong with my current people, and if i was meant to meet new people then I'll meet them, somehow, cos destiny's destiny, and you can't change it right? No? But Hiro Nakamura said so! :D

As for the getting fat part... like I've said earlier, that damage was done pre-series and ... shall just leave it at that, gladly.

Anyways, so I've just ordered some Six Feet Under for us. I've missed when it was showing on cable, in my pre-series days, and after watching 3 seasons and just getting into season 4 of One Tree Hill, I so need something less teenage/drama/dull. Can't wait!

Oooh, time to go home. Damn, thunderstorm out side...


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