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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

~*T.A.R.A. II

So, we had to fork out a bomb to convert our audition tape to vcd/dvd since my cam ports were faulty, which I just found out. And the folks that did the conversion for me took the liberty and decided to add their company ad. into our little clip.
Ok, in all fairness, the outcome did look pretty good with the ad, followed by the actual clip, and then the big redundant "THE END" at the end of it, BUT the total length of our vcd is now beyond the 3minutes criteria. Plus the cd label makes it look like some sort of a wedding invite... hello? so not going to happen!

So what to do, what to do? Google google, of course! Got my editing tools, to cut the clip to the right length, during whatever time I find in between baconshop hours just to get it right. And voila! All done now!
Phew... now I know to a lot of people video editing is peanuts, but it's my first time playing with these things, so, can't blame a girl for being overwhelmed, right?

Anyways, ooh oooh... anyone read about the Spiderman who climbed the Towers yesterday? Well, yours truly, and the rest of our neighbors in the towers got a live view from just outside out windows, directly opposite from my little cube. It was amazing. He was amazing! Pretty scary though as the guy walked, climbed and sat on the steel bars trying to get from Level 59 to the 60th, all these without a single thread of safety harness on him, lest he falls.

I am sure a lot will call this stupidity... as for me, I am just amazed at how at ease he was so high up there. For me, he is extremely daring, regardless if that was reckless/irresponsible/maybe stupid...
I just saw him as a very brave man.

Bravo monsieur Alain. Bravo~

P/s: The passport size pics were from yesteryears. Don't be fooled.
I've decided to be behind the dot. Sorry folks...


  • At 4:41 PM, Blogger Noor Azlin Shah said…

    Actually sha also can panjat but until 1st floor only.. But still consider spiderman rite? Muahahaha..


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