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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

~*pink madness all around...

I never thought I'll ever say this. All the pinks,reds, pillows, hearts, flowers... and other sappy, supposedly "love" inducing paraphernalia on display or sold around the mall, are making me sick.
Like seriously. I have no idea when or how I've reached this level of cynicism. I swear! And by god, I do like pink and red.

I dunno. I just find the whole thing extremely, fake. And I quote my aussie bff "merps_mjk: well people are sheep".
Maybe I am not in love. Maybe I don't have anyone in mind to "pour my love unto" (hahahahaha....). Maybe I am just plain old mean and cynical.
Or maybe, for the lack of other reasons, I just sincerely think that this V day thing is overly commercialized and devoid of meaning now, to me that is. I actually cringed everytime I receive a text wishing me happy valentine's today (no offense folks, it's really sweet of u guys though).
I remember writing about the day last year, and how it was my 3rd without a valentine (eew... i gotta stop using the word now!). So this will be the 4th year, and you know what? I am loving it...

Speaking of which, was going through my old blog, on another url today (for the lack of more entertaining bits to lay my freshly painted nails on), and boy, was I a bitchy 28yr old, and I actually find the writing more entertaining, for my taste, that is. I am too mellowed down this year. Drats.

Anyways, me not being in favor of the V day does not mean others should be as bitchy about it as I am... if it makes you happy I guess. So, have a good one yo'll.
Have fun romancing anything, anyone under the stars (or ya sheets!) tonight...

~*strawberries and honey awaiting me at home yo'll... what? It's just food! :p

~~*ooh ooh... 1 more day to a looong vacation yo'll...


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