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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

~*tis the season of evil pollen...

I hate pollens. I can't see them, can't touch them, can't taste them (you get the idea...) but how I hated them! Nothing personal, except that whenever spring is near, and pollens abundant, you can see me slowly looking like a junkie without my fix, while sneezing my head, lungs, you name it... off. And these episodes of allergy "attacks" drains the hell out of me, I tell ya. Today's one of 'em bad bad days, and i had to go to the doctor's.

What did the doctor say?
Doc: Ah ... it's the weather, the pollen, you just can't escape them, too bad.
Me: WTF - too bad?? (in my head, of cos) Er.. so doc, is there any long term medication since spring is like, here for the next couple of months.
Doc: Er.. no. It's just too bad. I give you Flu medicine, and ahh... vitamin C. Yes... you take vitamin C.
Me: WTF??? Really, vitamin C?
Doc: Ya ya... Vitamin C. Make you stronger. Ok, next.
Me: Huh? WTF?? - walk out rubbing my itchy nose and itchy eyes.... wtf?????

I finally caught the L-word. Never read anything about it before except that it's about lesbians.
So, ok, we put on the dvd, filled with anticipation, this could be another Sex and the City type comedy series. But LO! It ain't that funny. Yea, there were funny one liners, funny scenes and all but overall it was heavy heavy... heavy drama stuff. To the point of being disturbing, even.

Ok, it is not a bad watch, it just makes your mind work overtime, over it. Firstly, theirs lives, not very gay-ish (as in merry gay...get? :p), at certain points, some of the character's lives were pretty depressing. And why? Because they're all women. Women who are so damn complicated. It's hard enough having the complications or complexity of one woman in hetero relationships, in lesbian couples, there are 2sets of complex complicity running simultaneously! Way more drama's bound to happen, right? And in the show, DRAMA there certainly was. Certain scenes did make me wanna smack those characters, hard. Seriously, too much unnecessary drama.
Well, of course to be fair it is after all a Tv series, how much truth can there be in it. But haven't you heard that the stuff of tv does, after all come from the stuff of real life, albeit exaggerated?

Before I go on... nope, I am not pro-hetero or pro anything, I am just relating it to myself.... as another relationship option, perhaps?? ... nah, unfortunately not. I've always imagined (not graphically, you perves!!) how simple life would be if we can just change our orientation and like our own gender (or any genders) just like that, since in my case the opposite gender folks that I've come across (romantically) has all been that disappointing so far. But this particular series seriously put that thought away for sure, since the heartaches, the scums, the players and the betrayals are almost similar to what you get being with folks with that different set of anatomy.
Of course, as in everything else, never say never as well, I guess :p

Ooh, I forgot to mention, there's this really cool, punk-ish character with my name. I have a boy's name, and not that many people around here uses that name (it's always Mike or Jon, or Chuck :p), so to hear it mentioned that many times on tv is both weird And cool at the same time...(hehe... we already did radio eh, pimpy... momma...)
hehe... yea, I TRY to be that into myself once in a while... just trying :p


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