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Monday, January 15, 2007

~*It's not over....

Carburetor chock - didn't even know how to spell it correctly, but that's the thing that failed in my beat up little car this morning. My little car is still in the workshop. Them mechanics just called to say the car's done now. Problem resolved. Will pick it up after work. Which means having to take the train home this evening. Was lucky Little Lan gave me a lift to work since she wanted to hang out at the mall today. Sigh. Been a long time since I took a ride on the train. Fingers crossed I don't get that sick on it. I get sick taking trains you see. Cursed.

So anyways, didn't get to write much last week because it has been a mad house at work. Seriously swamped, but ended the week quite nicely with a lunch "date" with a friend from The Space. It was nice. Food was yummy, eventhough I had to stick to the relatively guilt free ones. The company was a nice, down to earth, friendly guy. Just something I make myself do this year. Go on "dates", meet new people, hang out with more people besides my bffs. It's really not that easy I have to say, especially when you're in such a comfort zone, it's tough changing. I am not going from 0 to 100 right away though, just baby steps...u know...

Got some flight tix to Siem Reap this July, from the promo thingy. Spent literally few hours online just trying to get some tix... any tix when the promo was first launch, and ended up getting for a date coinciding with me birthday. So, yey! Was initially planning a do to celebrate my big three O... now, i'll just have to wait till then and see what happens.

Ooh oh... fyi, I've been going for evening walk/jogs everyday for the past week. I've become a big fan of this thing called "exercise" now, to the point that i'll go for a jog just because I am bored, or when there's nothing better to do... freaky.

oOH ooh... my other new fave song "It's not over" by Chris Daughtry... which reminds me ze Americano Idol is airing again this week!!! Yipppeess!


  • At 2:20 PM, Blogger Hanson said…

    Shit happens, Girl... but cheer up coz good things are bound to happen too, u know!

    Q: Why did u remove your list of firsts (and lasts)?

    Hopefully will c u tomorrow... u make sure u hav urself a good day... think! Happy thoughts... NOT Happy Tree Fren thoughts! lol!

    pimpy tigger boi


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