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Saturday, December 30, 2006

~*My new BFF...

~*that's Best Friends Forever, for ya! Just like Paris and Britney....... pause...... NOT. (hehe.. tis only funny if you've seen Borat. Gross movie though.)

So, I just got myself a new BFF? Who is it? None of other than boy from the box! Or actually more like boy guarding the box. Anyways, let's just call him Cubie. Cubie asked me out Tuesday for that museum movie. Some event the station was having. Free movies, why not? After movies, it was tea... ooh... sounds so quaint, doesn't it? Tea dahling... tea. Teh ais is also tea, aite? Was nice. Chatted for hours. Cubie talks ALOT. Good thing I is a good listener person, though i did at some point tried asking him to stop talking for a while. Not like it worked though.

Anyways, we hung out again last nite till wee wee hours despite my swollen tonsils, talking rots, but fun, and apparently there's going to be lots more NON-dates in the coming future with my new bff. Nice. Cubie's going to take me for some bingo game soon, those you play to win money. Sounds pretty damn retro, but I can't wait! What else... oh, and I am supposed go with him to straigthen his hair so that he won't feel bored sitting there few hours straight. Yea, as if. The boy's worse than my other chick bffs you know. But... ah well, there's now 2 less No-Life people in the world.... pause again.... NOT.

Going off to Singapore today with the family. Going to be there till New Year's. I am sure i m supposed to be excited (oooooooh singapore... yea. ok. *major eye rolls*) but also scary leh, had to spend a few solid days with the parents. Mom is ok, but dad... dad is an active volcano, to put it mildly. Brrr...
So, pray for me people.


  • At 10:51 AM, Blogger Hanson said…

    I just rolled off my chair reading this... I'm gonna get a tummy ache after this!

    Maybe I should refrain from making a comment... NOT! lol! SG, I know ur gonna bazooka me but I can't help it. But I'll be subtle, ok? ke ke ke...

    Someone, somewhere would have preferred the See be replaced by a Hedge. And eventually the elf without Elle be dropped! Ta-dah!

    Ok ok ok... I'm not mean... I'm wicked! lol! Anyway, once again... Happy 2007 and best of luck in whatever you choose to undertake! (wink! wink!)



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