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Friday, December 08, 2006

~*do i know you?

Ok. So, I'm ok with the crystal now. Will find time to send it for repair. Few hours of brooding coupled with some Project Runways did help. (Thanks P.I.M.P friend - unless you've got rheumatism and can't stand for long, please don't get down on your knees should a new ring come my way this christmas ...hint hint hint... - crystals nonetheless, no diamonds, those are reserved :p ....muahahaha.....

Slept late again last night, and got me thinking about people you meet online. I've made some good friends online over the years. I am lucky in a sense that at the rate of scums infiltering the "cyberspace" (duh... i know), I still managed to meet good people. However, when you really think about it. How well do you actually know your cyberfriends? I am not talking about acquaintances which you send a Hi or Wad up message once in a while, but those that you've actually communicate with, long emails, sharing life stories and all.
Then - for the lack of better things to think of at midnight, I got into my suspicion mode. I've met with some nice folks online lately, but there's a nagging thought that I just can't shake off. We've shared quite a lot of life stories and all, but what if the stories were just that, fabricated tales? What if these people are just having a little fun on gullible but "hot" (muahahaha...) victims - also for the lack of better things to do.

The more I thought about it, the more conspiracy theories I came up with, and the more I question the little things that seem a little odd in the beginning. Of course up till this point, these are just my paranoia rearing it's ugly head... or not? Arrr..... I know, maybe I am being a tad dramatic. Maybe I indulged in my cancerian instincts a little too much, or maybe I am too sceptical for my own good... but I'm a very late 20-something, scepticism's my prerogative... no?

Ah well, shall probably not think so much about it now. If they are, they are. Karma'll get them. If they ain't, I should probably be ashamed for me suspicions. I guess, I might never find out.
To my buddies reading this... thanks for being real, and keepin it real homies... aite!


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