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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

~*A Monday rarity...

4pm. Monday afternoon. Someone just complained that she's so bored and time's passing by too slowly. Yes, on a Monday... a quiet Monday. Savouring the sound of it...quiet Monday. How often does it happen?? Good day tis been so far.

I had a lot of random subjects I thought of writing about during the weekends, sadly those thoughts didn't stay inside my big head long enough for me to remember them. Ah well...

Anyways, decided to have a christmas eve party this year. Inviting some friends over to our tiny crib for an "intimate" dinner party. Something grown up. None of those fast/junk food on the menu, only “grown up stuff”. Haha. Seriously though, roomie and I are already thinking about the menu – roasts, potatoes, smoke salmon perhaps… yumms!

Aaarrr… mental block.


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