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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

~*what are your dark secrets?

I was asked this by an online friend today. Should I share those which I still have trouble forgetting? Nah. I think I'll share the other unforgetable ones for now. I don't want to be reminded of things I've tried hard to forget, and I don't think I can trust anyone enough to share...yet. Sigh. Never ask questions which answers you know you can't handle. My humble advice.

It's almost halfway through the week. Week nites has been pretty much set these last couple of weeks, thanks to my fave programs running back to back every day. I am easily content just as I am easily amused, so, no complaints there.

Jlo is flying off to leprechaunland with her own Leprechaun next week, I think. I keep forgetting the dates. Will be a very quiet week without her around, for sure. She's going to have her first white (in every sense of the word) christmas.... oh, jealous jealous :p

Got me thinking what did I do last christmas... hmm... I really don't remember. 2 christmases ago I remembered running from the tsunami waves, but last year. No memory of it at all.
Ah well, hopefully this year's will be a good one, cos we're throwing lil a do in our lil box and invited some folks over. Hope to get a turkey, but doesn't look too good, since I haven't been able to locate anywhere that sells roasted turkeys this year, as opposed to the previous years. Gasp!!! I just got hit by an inspiration! :D will check that place out!! Can't wait!

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