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Sunday, January 21, 2007

~*Saturday nite feva...

... literally, that is. Oh... my achy breaky body. I am literally aching from top to toe, and my voice is coarse coarse coarse. Why? Old age! The perils of getting older. Seriously. Gone are the days of all night bootie shaking, "hard" partying and still wake up the next day ready for more. Nowadays, after a night’s out, the next day will be spent cussing, swearing off partying and quitting the booze and to some, fags - until the next weekend, that is :p That was what happened this morning... about 2am this morning, to be exact, while dragging our sorry arses home from the local joint... (joint??)

I had less than 2 beers, and shook the bootie only for a while, thanks to the tube I was wearing, which has a life of its own and tried to "break free" (???... u know what I mean...) the entire night, did a bit of a head banging when the band was doing some ol' skool e.m.f and greenday, and... that was it. I had my arse plonked down, comfortably about 80% of the time. So why do I feel all broken today??? Age... old age. And I am not even 30, yet... technically. Dang. Sigh... moving on...

Read Pimpy's blog today. He mentioned something about us few, from the box being unusually closer than any acquaintance, after our journey crossed path last year... got me thinking about our time in the box again. I do miss it tremendously. I do wish with all the cells in my being to relive those moments - I say moments, because there's just so much going on in a day, that just summing it up as days would not do it justice. The only thing I would probably do differently if there is a chance to rewind back to that time, is to BULLSHIT more eloquently to win the dough, and bring you guys for a vacation... sigh. But yups, Pimpy, somehow I do feel that we may be unusually closer than any acquaintance. I guess, people do really bond when going through tough times and challenges together. I am sure I am not wrong to say that we all feel that we've shared something special, or at least a different and unique once in a lifetime experience (eventhough it may not mean anything to anyone else), that we'll not soon forget.
And of course it's also the fact that effort was actually put in to stay in touch... right?
Ahh... I miss miss miss those days!!! I miss you guys! :'( and I miss Cubie. I really do, but I'll be damned if I contact him anywhere in the near future. Cursed.

Really frustrated with things at "bacon shop" lately. Started off in this place with promises of great things, great dynamic growth to take place in this "great, high potential player in the industry... bla bla blah...". Seriously, now it's all reduced to Blah. But I am not prepared to leave right away... yet. I am not in the best state of mind right now. Need to sort the knots in the mind. Need to learn to be positive - can't bring myself to say optimistic, though :p. Need to read all my "dummies" books I’ve bought only to hope to absorb them knowledge by osmosis (term courtesy of Dr. Izzie). Just need to pretty much sort my life out. Then move on, and out of there I'll be!

A random thought... is long hair for guys making a come back? Noticed quite a few commercials with them long haired male models in them. No, no...me not complaining...seriously. Gosh, i love Grey's Anatomy... like, Seriously! ...er... as always, only funny if you know what I mean, or at least as into the show as I am :p

10:48pm - I'll be hitting the bed and heal me achy bones... g'night dears.


  • At 10:34 PM, Blogger Hanson said…

    This will not be just an acquaitance... I will want this to be a long-lasting friendship.

    I have never been happier to have met you and Thevagi.

    By the way, check out my web page on Siem Reap before you leave for your holiday. There are many good info and tips. It will be completed within the next month or so once I obtain the remaining pix which my fren has held for quite some time. Hope it will make your planning much easier.


    Have a good week ahead.

    Tigger boi

  • At 5:01 AM, Blogger Adz said…

    Lots of green tea and Coca Cola (full fat variety) helps those rough/hungover feelings on the morning after! It sucks getting olde doesn't it?

  • At 12:01 PM, Blogger Drunken Master said…

    Totally know what you mean. One wild night results in two recovery days for me.

    Oh, and nothing cures a hangover better than more alcohol. I say that from experience.

  • At 4:19 PM, Blogger blossoms_stoned said…

    haha... i m sure any of your wild nite out's booze intake's Xtimes more than mine... same effect though :p


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