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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

~*IM a happy?

I heart ym and I hate ym. I use ym to communicate with my roomies, and a couple of other friends on some other parts of the world. I heart that a lot. But it can be such a distraction sometimes, annoying even especially when you're at work, since it's real time and you're supposed to answer an IM... like instantly. It's worse if the people you're IM-ing doesn't get that you're actually working, besides, "stealing" some time off to ... chat?? (can't think of any other replacement!), and starts drawing conclusions that you're not interested in being their friends no more and all that :( Sic. I could apologize and try to explain that I am busy, thus can't IM much, but I am damn pantang when it comes to having to explain myself for being busy working? Sigh. I really much prefer emailing. Ah well... again, as always...

Went to bed early last nite, about 10pm. Was really tired after the sauna session at Jlo's. It was nice. Sweat ed like pig, but a pretty good stress reliever, me must say. The mind just kinda went blank after that. Woke up this morning, feeling kinda fresh. Had my morning ginger tea. Blasted the stereo a bit, and the world was looking a little more... beautiful today. And as i walk towards the office, saw some couple kissing goodbye sweetly in the car, and then an ol stranger greeted me good morning, tourists walking around with smiley faces, the sweet smell of the tower lobby... lovely. Nevermind that we didn't get our backstage passes to iL Divo's tonight - under the pretext that we're the venue's IT support, it's still a pretty lovely day so far. Keeping my fingers crossed that the feeling will last, at least till bedtime tonight.


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