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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

~*3 days a counting...

Ooommpphh... I am STUFFED!!! Totally stuffed my face too much today, and that's only breakfast and lunch! :p Ok, I am totally turned off by food right now. I think it'll only be broth, broth and more broth for the next few days! NO MORE CHICKEN!!! Aye.

Woke up late these 2 days. Yesterday's excuse was couldn't sleep the night before. Don't know if it's the damn, damn hot weather or what, but only managed to catch a couple of hours sleep before heading off for work. And this morning, dunno if it's because the weather's nice and balmy after a whole night of rain or what, but still woke up late, and I am still sooo sleepy right now. Just one of them days where your eyes just can't stay open eventhough you're totally swamped with work. Maybe some mandarin oranges might wake me up :p

So, I had a pretty active weekend, considering I was still recovering from the ear thingy. Oh, that's another lament, can't be blasting no pods at the moment. Sigh.

Anyways, let's see, spent the whole Friday at the doctor's, who asked if I would like him to introduce "eligible guys" for me, when I told him I was single. Then was at the cafe to check some mails, and then home the whole afternoon, trying, very hard to NOT die from the heat, and then out club hopping with the girls, since JLo needed some "consoling". Managed to pack in 4 joints that night... At the end of which I was almost deaf, but I was sure I was pretty alright about it though.

Woke up Saturday afternoon, had some nutritious meal of instant noodles - for the extreme lack of will to go get food, a bit more lazing and the next thing we knew, we were in a cold, dark room for almost 5 hours. Just the 3 of us, lean(...not!), mean, karaoke machines :p Yep, I was legally deaf afterwards.

Did nothing much on Sunday, another killer heat day, just shopping to escape from the heat, had a little dinner do at home while watching a bloody bloody (literally) movie. Very relaxing :D

Anyways, it's Tuesday now and I am just only recapping the weekend's affairs due to the crap load of work yesterday, actually today as well. Sometimes, I really wish I had more time to write about more important, informative pieces. But, not only does that require more effort to read and research (gasp!)which I really didn't have time for - too caught up in between working and wasting time with other equally non beneficial things.

Really admire people who write about serious issues, informative, documentary like pieces , but I've resigned to the fact that, this blog thing is going to be a place for me to spill my deep (not as if I have that kinda depth though :p), inner thoughts. Just a place to share, vent, to keep in touch... and maybe make a friend or two the in process.

~*I just saw something really horrifying! 14 freaking problems in my queue to attend to! GaarrrrRRrrrrrrrrr......


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