~*because i got high....

Thursday, February 15, 2007

~*a knapsack on my backkkkkk.....

I saw the most inspiring thing at breakfast this morning. A scroungy looking backpacker, with his big ass bag pack on his back.

Oh, how I wish I could trade places with him. Go a wandering, without a care in the world. Troubling my thoughts with nothing except where to explore and what to eat.
Things of dreams, I tell you.

Pimpy might have a hard time imagining my in scroungy backpacker gear... but you know I can be tough like that right? :p

Anyways, yep, that's my inspiration to save more money and hopefully in a year or two, take a couple of months off work just to live out this dream.
Today will be Day 1:Planning.

~*ooh ooh, I will not be seen around the towers for the next 10 freakin days!!!
I'll holler...


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