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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

~50 things

1. I am embarking on this 50 things list because I am bored – it started off as a 100 things, however, patience, not being a virtue was strongly reaffirmed halfway through doing this.
2. This is not because I have NO work at work. I am just good in time management. Haha.
3. The people I am supposed to be supporting have all gone missing.
4. I like spending my lunch hours in the confines of my cube.
5. People around my cube have been complaining about how cold the baconshop is for the past few days. I've only felt that today.
6. I am just better insulated than them, I guess.
7. I was on medical leave the past Monday due to something really new to me - muscular pain on my “chest”, which happened during wee hours just before getting up for work.
8. The left side to be exact. The right one was fine and dandy.
9. It hurts a whole lot even when I breathe. I thought I was having an extended heart attack.
10.No, it wasn’t caused by “rigorous bedtime activities” of any sorts. I am a
celibate on the path of revirginization (quote: Charlotte York, Sex&The City), tqvm.
11.I am starting to get bored of doing this.
12.I love rice.
13.Rice may be the fattest food around.
14.I miss the pimpy and the momma. Still owe pimpy a tall latte and momma’s bottle of liqueur is still hanging around at my place.
15.Takes more than 1 to be in touch, though. Tough.
16.My favorite sitcom is Friends. Just got the complete 10 seasons and is currently on its dvd marathon.
17.L Word sucks.I do not think lesbians are shallow, lack of taste and as without substance as portrayed in the series.
18.I can’t believe I spent the weekend watching it, and got myself all depressed.
19.Friends – the series, saved my Sunday.
20.I can spend a lot of time being alone.
21.I get bored as easily as I am amused.
22.I am currently real bored with the lack of happenings in my life.
23.The Amazing Race Asia’s closing date for submission is in 2 days.
24.I am on one hand hoping hard to get selected, and on the other hand
dilemma-ed for fear that I might not be able to afford more than a month of
unpaid leaves.
25.I so overspent this month - as opposed to other months?
26.The reason was my Miscalculation, and carelessness in keeping track of the finances.
27.I am supposed to look forward to going for an isle vacation at the end of the month, but the plan got axed due to roomie’s financial “crisis”.
28.It’s the tax paying season. I am also not spared much, though.
29.I wonder if I should try to get someone else to go for the isle vacation?
30.Anybody wants to take me for a vacation to anywhere on the mentioned time frame? Out of the kindness of your big, pink fluffy hearts?
31.You do know I am kidding right? ...ok, maybe I am... or maybe I am not... :p
32.My Chemical Romance’s latest – I don’t love you, got me teary eyed.
33.I loved the weird looking mtv too.
34.I like black and white photos.
35.I should plan to have a black and white photo session soon.
36.I hope I’ll get to attend a masquerade ball in a heavy Victorian, buxom popping, breath cutting, corseted dress and all its fineries, in Venice, once in my lifetime.
37.I think vampires are sexy, as long as they look like Stuart Townsend.
38.I love all food Japanese, I think.
39.I love all things French, I think.
40.I have sweet tooth, but diabetes runs steep in the family.
41.My favorite shower gel scent is lavender.
42.I hate washing my hair because of the “oiling” and “mousse-ing” afterwards.
43.I am tired of my “sexy” curls, and it’s not even a year since I got it.
44.I am not sure if I have the guts to get a tattoo, but that Miami Ink, I tell ya!
45.I can be quite gullible.
46.I am craving for Kim chi Chigae – a spicy Korean Kim chi soup with rice, which comes with lots of free, delightful and refillable side dishes.
47.I am an adventurous adventurous foodie.
48.I hate to admit that I am quite disappointed with Linkin Park’s latest single.
49.I have pre-ordered their latest cd and have yet to get them from Tower Records.
50.Chester Bennington was so near yet so far, when he was at the TR downstairs from the baconshop :(

I am finally done with the 50. Yay me... Maybe I'll complete the next 50 on another boring day.


  • At 3:27 PM, Blogger Santa Claus said…

    50 Things? Thinking of a 100 things is a lot harder than you might think, eh? Unless of course you are incredibly self-absorbed.

    You are on the nice list so far for this year. Stay there!

    P.s. If you want to check out my "100 Things List", try the following: http://santa100.blogspot.com/


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