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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I've been pretty space cadet-ish lately. I am not high (though I so wish I am) - on the herbs or similar substances. I am just... spacey. I can be listening to you one minute and space out the next and back to you again in a snap. Thoughts coming into my mind, slips out in just a matter of second.
My forgetfulness has reach an epic level - my epic, that is.
Good thing though, that my space cadet "attacks", mostly occur after work hours, and does not really disrupt my work (the minimal level of focus at work is pre-space cadet). Lucky me, I guess.
Still, that can't be good right?

So, what does one do when faced with such dire situation?
Google it, of course. And googled it I did, and guess what I found after cross checking the symptoms with my body's other hiccups. I might have a sluggish liver.
Of course an online, self diagnosis cannot be a 100% accurate, but I would not rule that condition out completely, since I do have... how should I put it, a liver condition since young which has been dormant all these while (even now, I am sure). It has neither hurt nor affected me in any ways growing up. Sometimes I even forget I have it until my bestmates or parents asks if I've done my annual checkups. And because of how it has NOT been affecting my life all these years, I, of course, took things for granted.

Now I am by no means, an alcoholic, but weekend hangouts, having the said substance does bring on wee bit more merriment than sans it.
And what fried, unhealthy fat/salt laden food is not good to eat?
What can i say? I am guilty, but they were goood!
(Ok, I realized that I am starting to make myself sound as if I am some giant obesed person. Eeek! I am not. I am just... kinda fluffed!)

So anyways, after all these years of "abuse", even with subtle reminders from my friend Mr Liver - which has been mostly ignored - Mr Liver has finally decided to do an... well, a not so full on assault but, definitely a not so subtle wake-up call to his "dear" friend, me.

Now I am not dramatizing this - just whining, as usual - since a lot of people have sluggish livers and not even know it, BUT, sigh... if I want to live a better, lesser annoyance filled, full life, some changes has to take place. Drastic ones. Ones that I can't even mention right now, for fear of breaking my words too fast (especially with ONE particular "bad habit").
But I will try my best, to give Mr Liver a well deserved break to restore itself to his former glory - haha... when was he ever healthy residing in a body like mine...

Anyways, in conjunction with my healthy lifestyle... thing, let me share a simple, fruits concoction with you guys:
Red Dragon Fruit & Honeydew melon juice
Just cut them up and blend, blend, blend! No sugar needed.
It's easy, it's gorgeous purple in color, and very yummy!

Gotta run now... be good yo'll.


  • At 11:14 AM, Blogger Drunken Master said…

    Man, we never get those fruits here...

  • At 12:36 PM, Blogger blossoms_stoned said…

    Oh... sorry to hear that. It's not a cheap fruit here either, so I am guessing even if you get them, it's hella expensive over there... maybe one fine day I'll send a couple over :p

  • At 1:40 PM, Blogger Noor Azlin Shah said…

    I luv durian.. any mixture for that? Oh.. I miss my kampung... :(.. Anyway, thx for the tips..


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