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Thursday, April 12, 2007

~*Idol fever... kinda

Ok, let’s talk about the latest season of the American Idol. A lot of the finalist sucked pretty bad, but I’m still a big fan, and it’s not like I have lots to do after work.

Before I go on, may I say, THANK god that Gina girl is out. Urgh… can’t stand her. The only time I’ve enjoyed her performance was the week before she got axed. So, buhbye ya fake rocker chick, you sure got a lot to learn from those rocker chicks from Rockstar!

Anyways, last night’s show was, well, let’s just say was pretty consistent with this season’s performances so far. Although a couple of them were, kinda impressive.
A little recap, based on my 2cents, of course, starting with:

Melinda D – I thought she looked elegant and beautiful, but what’s with the make up and hair??? Great voice as usual, was not feeling her song though.

La Kiki J – This conversation takes place every week in our house whenever she’s on:
Big Lan: Her boobs looks like watermelons, don’t you think?
Small Lan: Eeew! You’re so mean, now I can’t look at her without thinking watermelon.
Both waiting for me to take sides.
Me: Yea, just melons la, not as big watermelons la.
Both of them… yeah ok, melons.
Every week, seriously.
Anyways, Did not feel her song at all, never did actually, despite the great lung works. Did you see the excess bits trying to free themself from her outfit last night? Brrr…

Phil "I have huge freaky bug eyes" Stacey – yawn… forgettable.

Haley S – Can’t stand her voice, and definitely crossed the line yesterday with her shortest shorty-short shorts to date. I think it was pretty disrespectful. What was she thinking when she decided to follow the sex sells mantra, especially since the ladies always form the biggest voting group on any voting shows? Do you think female vote for you because your legs are 10 times hotter than theirs? D’oh.

Chris “I think I am J.T” Richardson – His nasally, whiny voice bothers me.

Blake L – I am impartial to this dude, but he did good yesterday. I like.

Jordin S – I heart this “little” girl, but the only thing I like about her performance last night was the very senorita like hair.

Sanjaya M – I’ve adored this little fella since his audition, and even his disappointing moments in the finals didn’t matter, cos he’s just… sweet, up until last week. You see we don’t like spoilt, cocky little brat which he was turning into and was so ready to see him leave. However, the boy sure did “redeemed” himself last night with a nice little performance, sans bratty attitude :D

Ok, I am done blabbering today. Will go home and catch the result show.
..ooh, yay, SHE’s finally out!


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