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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

*~Friday the 13th...

So, I’ve just turned three O, in Cambodia, near the enchanting Angkor temples, no less. That alone would’ve made it an extra “special” birthday, people may say, but the truth is, the day came and went hardly memorable. Don’t get me wrong. I am with some of my best friends in the world. They did go a little out of the way (to get me my delicious “zen” like mousse/cake with a candle on top for me to make my wishes), but these aren’t exactly the party planner type people who knows how to make your day, one to be remembered. I know, I sound like I am complaining… a whiny unappreciative b@#$ more like it. But I am not, really. I guess I was just expecting more out of that Friday the 13th that was my birthday, and not as uneventful as it was. Ah well...

Alright, moving on to the more eventful happenings just the week before that; planned and executed a bbq party at the parents’ – washed, chopped, marinated and baked the whole day, and at some point wondering why on earth did I put myself through that exhausting, financially depleting do, which of course paid off when people were well fed and seem to be having a good time later that night, and also when I opened one present with a huge ass backpack in it courtesy of jLo’s man.

Another eventful happening at work the day before the vacation, was when a chocolate cake appeared suddenly, out of no where, in my face with candles awaiting for my… blow (“?”) It was pretty special and very sweet of you guys, to say the least. Thank you, again.

So yep, that was how I “celebrated” the dreaded three O. Hurrah…?


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