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Friday, August 17, 2007

~*Strings, strings and mo strings....

String instruments that is. Will be starting the part time thing with Philharmonic tonight. I can appreciate the classical but REALLY pray that I won't fall asleep though. Tired la. Things we do for extra dough. Sigh.

Some user that I spoke to yesterday asked if there's vacancy at the baconshop, for her daughter. I wanted to tell her, WHY on earth do you wanna get your daughter into the baconshop??? I didn't of course, after all she's with our client, and I'm just soooooo polite and agreeing like that you know. Anyways, she asked if baconshop pays alot, and I being the modest one that I am of course said, no la. Then she proceeded to ask if my bring home peanuts was about this certain amount and also where I got my highly prestigious education - the cheapest local college around.
And once again, my agreeing self told her the name of my alma mater and said yea to the latter question. And this is where she launched a full on assault on the baconshop about how they rejected her daughter's application a few years back eventhough her daughter graduated from one of the most well known colleges around, to which I agreed of course, being my polite, agreeing self. AND then the dumb bitch went on to say this "I don't know how they hire people in the baconshop, a grad from your (humble) college can get in and earns that much but they rejected my daughter who graduated from The Posh College??? And she's earning so much lesser than what baconshop's paying you".

I know, I should probably have said to her face that poshness of a college does not a brain maketh... but alas, my polite, agreeing self just said, in my sweetest fake voice possible "yea, I really don't know why. Should ask you daughter to try again ya. Buhbye."

No need for further conversation with such idiots. Though I would have loved to tell her that my peanuts was actually way more than what she thought it was, but I am way too modest and polite like that you know :p


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