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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dear Blog....

Sorry I haven’t spent more time with you lately. I’ve been lazy, and experiencing some kind of mental block I guess... probably leaning more towards lazy though.

Anyways, a little update on my on goings the last couple of weeks.
Let’s see, 2 weekends ago… I was back at the parents’ place after catching Knocked Up on that Friday night. Dunno if it was because the cinema was that cold and I had to start holding my pee after an hour into the movie, thus making it seem much longer or if the movie WAS actually that draggy.

I left the cinema with a headache. A sugary treat was in order, I thought and I soon found myself driving towards a little wonderland called Bisou - RM 5 for a little cupcake but well worth the magic it did. Head was still achy, but it did take a bit of the gloom off the long way back to the parents'.
The rest of the weekend was spent baking cupcakes and sulking.

Last week was pretty uneventful too. Due to fck ups with the gym membership people, I’ve only managed to go gym once on last Thursday with the Roomie. The gym was small, but quite nice - personable and not intimidating like the one in the towers. We even tried out the boxing class.
It was hilarious. Roomie boxes like a girl. Being a girl is not an excuse.
If you’ve known her, then you’ll know what I mean.

Come Friday, I was really tempted to meet up with a new girl friend for some salsa, but didn’t. Gym got the better of my body, plus it was that inconvenient time of the month. Another blasé Friday night it was.

I was at the parents’ again for the weekend for some family gathering. Saturday was spent in the kitchen making more cupcakes.
This batch got unanimous approvals from the “trusted” testers.
Phew. G.l.a.d. They even said I can start my world cupcake domination now...
Not really, but yea passed the QC to sell. Again G.l.a.d.

There you have it blog, that was how my last 2 weeks went by.
Dull? Yup. Blasé? Pretty much. Got me thinking, could my lack of time spent with you actually be due to me not really having much of a life at the moment and not just the laziness and mental thing?
You be the judge.


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