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Friday, October 12, 2007

~*It's the Raya raya...

All alone in my cube now. Teammates have all gone either on leave or being shooed away - in the case of the fishboy :P, to go home in preparation to celebrate the Hari Raya tomorrow. Long weekend for the rest of us. I think I am the only one neither excited nor thrilled for the break. Not that I mind the break though, just that I haven't any plans and not in the mood for anything. I have no idea why. Hmmm...

Jlo was suggesting - strongly, that we go back into our outgoing routine from a few years back, which was to go out thumpa thumpa-ing (quote from queer as folk!) 4 to 5 times a week. Her logic was that we were at our slenderest (haha) during that time, either due to lack of sleep or excessive freestyle workout (thumpa-thumpa). She kinda has a point there, but she also kinda forgotten that we were quite a bit younger then? We use to be able to go out maybe Tuesday or Wednesday onwards, going home at wee hours, catch a couple of hours of sleep and then off to work, And on time I might add, and repeat the cycle until… well.. it goes on and on, until we fall sick, and get a week of rest and continue on again. Don't bother asking why we do it, cos I dunno why either.

We use to joke that we worked even harder on weekends than during weekdays - during which I’ll sometimes get less than 6 hours worth of sleep, accumulated within 3 days. Yea, those were the days. Decadent times which I cannot and will not go back to. My take is that I’ve already had my share of that kind of fun/heartaches/follies then, time to move on to other things. Time for different sets of priorities. Time to actually grow up. And besides, a thumpa-thumpa session (eventhough it only last till 1am nowadays, IF we ever go out) really takes a toll on a 30 year old’s body, you know. Real ouch effect the day after.

Hmm… I was planning to write about my recent road trip to the east but somehow ended up blabbing a whole load on the above. So anyways, about road trip, well, it was nice. The hotel was cozy and comfy and gorgeous, and we love it. Our tour guide Mr Pimpy was so gracious and so kind in taking us out for an awesome seafood dinner, to the Mc D village (it’s really like a village, I kid you not) where it was cute at first with kids celebrating some other kid’s birthday, but became a little much to bear from the noise made by the same bunch of kids.

Pimpy also took us for a hike up some hill to catch the sunrise. I found out about altitude sickness firsthand, but enjoyed almost every bit of that misty morning. And then there was the clean, soft, white sandy beach in front of the hotel, with hardly anyone around – due to us being there on weekdays, I guess. It was really lovely to catch a nap or just lay on the beach chairs, feeling the breeze and just soaking it all up. That is the life, my friends.

Onto another note, the bonus and all came this week. Settled a fair bit of affairs that needed settling, and looking forward to seeing the new figure in the pay slip come next month. It’s about time. Haven’t bothered opening them for the longest time, and can’t wait to tear open the coming one.
It’s not much but it’s alright… so wee heeee…

Gotta go tear up the gym again later. Need to get a pair of gym pants first. Lil old me forgot to put them in my bag this morning. Anyways, till I blab again, Selamat Hari Raya people!


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