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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

~*of fuglies and jigglies...

Our client is on a holiday today and we're not, which makes this an uber boring day. Not that I mind the lack of workload, but boredom is a motha*beep*.

Woke up this morning with very swollen eyes. No idea why. Though i think the swell has gone down considerably. They feel less popped out of my face now.

The drive to work this morning was way smooth. If only the roads are like that everyday. Ooh, which reminded me, the traffic home last Friday evening, pre-Raya raya, was almost dream like. Roads normally congested to the brink after work were almost traffic free. Again, if only the traffic's like that everyday.

Speaking of roads and stuff, I was tailgated by a stupid girl in a tiny car this morning on the way to the baconshop. I hate tailgaters, and this morning with my swollen eyes and all, I decided to have a little payback.
I slowed down by the side and let the stupid girl overtake my car, and then... did what I normally would not do. I tailgated her back. All the way until a certain junction, and I think I managed to freaked her out. Yay! I know I know, it's petty and juvenile, but I like to think of it as a community service, teaching a tailgater a lesson about tailgating. I know I know, who am I or what rights do I have to "teach" others a lesson, right? Well, who are you or anyone to stop me though? I repeat, I hate tailgaters.

Moving on, how was your weekends? Mine was... boring. By now, people who knows me, or reads my craps should know that "bored/boring/boredom" are my most used words. Even when I am hella busy, I am still bored. I dunno. Sigh... "Exhibit 1 - Girl who's never satisfied". I think I would only truly be satisfied or happy if I won a million bucks or so in the lottery, which translates to I have no freaking idea if I'll ever have real happiness or be truly satisfied. Sigh...

Went to the gym after work last Friday to sweat out my depressed state. Sweat I did, half dead from the work outs even, but happy was I? Nah. So I thought why not go out and get some loud music and see if I'll feel better later aka aversion therapy you know. Since Portia's busy with her man now on weekends, looked up a new friend and found that she's hanging out at some salsa joint... with her man as well, sigh, but took up her invite to join them for a bit though. So there I was, kinda dressed up, and met up with them at the salsa joint at about 10ish (late by my standards now).

Having been living the hermit way for some time now, it took quite a while to adjust to the scene again. I sat down for a bit, checked out the surrounding, the people and just finding myself smirking, inside (it's a horrible look smirking openly, you know). As I looked around, I found that... nothing's changed. There's still the very scantily clad ladies looking as though they owned the place walking around throwing air kisses with other equally in-looking people, the fugly good dancer guys getting nonstop attention from girls wanting to be swirled and twirled (I am convince that guys should take AND master the latin dances IF they wanna score with the ladies... or at least get some touchy feely actions albeit on the dance floor, if ya know what I mean). Then there are the not so erm... what word should I use, the not so outstanding(?), outpopping(??) girls who'll only get to dance with the people they came with and if they came with only girls, chances are these girls will usually go home without getting a dance... or well maybe if they pluck up their courage to ask one of the fugly guys for a dance, then maybe they'll get one and that's it... well ok ok, if they are damn courageous and kept asking fuglies for dances, yea sure they'll get more, but not sien meh have to keep asking??

Me, I think I fall into the only getting to dance with the people you came with unless I ask a fugly category, but it was quite fun nonetheless eventhough I haven't exactly salsa-ed in about... 6 or 7 years? Anyways, started off looking like a klutz on the floor, but after a few songs, I must've looked like I knew what I was doing, cos my new friend actually said I still got the skills. Hmm... ah well.
Went home around 12ish. It's really early by clubbing standard but... like i said in the last blab, me old, me get beat real early now you know.

Anyways, the part time work thing's starting off again tonight. Sigh... neither glad nor... un-glad... I dunno...


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