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Thursday, March 13, 2008

~*heights of boredom... totally pointless...

If I have my way and the means, this is a list of what you can always find in my fridge, my giant fantasy fridge:-

1) New York Cheesecake from Secret Recipe
2) Light Coke
3) Wine coolers
4) Wine
5) Cheese - Haloumi, cheddar, babybels, ooh... Happy cow party cube/triangles are a MUST! Sorry Pimpy, tried Laughing cow but Happy cow still tiumphs! Haha... these cheese makers ran out of ideas for names??
6) Vege - lots of vege
7) Smoked salmon
8) French salad dressing
9) Chunks of prime cut steaks
10) Very pretty cupcakes
11) White truffles
12) Chocolates - all kinds
13) Dragon fruit + melon juice
14) Packet Milo
15) Fruit Yogurt
16) Apples
17) Cherry tomatoes
18) Nougat
19) Milk - the giant plastic container ones
20) Soy milk
21) Eggs - lots of eggs
22) Ice - lots of ice
23) Hasbrown
24) Bacon
25) Cesar salad dressing
26) Whole Chicken - I fantasized about roasting a chicken, go figure :p
27) Peanut butter
28) Butter
29) Sausages of all kinds
30) Frozen pratas
31) Frozen sweet dumpling
32) Mandarin oranges
33) Nutella
34) Herbs of all kind
35) Mille crepes
36) Mash potato + chicken chop from Food foundry - yumms...
37) Potatoes
38) Fish fingers
39) Iced coffee
40) Cherries
41) Burger patties
42) Lamb cuts/chops for making stew or feeding the housemate :D
43) Ham
44) Ice cream - I can't decide what flavors though... hmm...
45) Pies - sheperd, steak, chicken, mushroom... etc etc...
46) Left over chicken/mutton curry all thick and yummy!
47) Very fresh salmon cuts
48) Wasabe
49) Japanese sweet soy sauce
50) "Fat free" mayonnaise
51) Dark Pomfret - hehe... odd one out but so yums, pan fried and served with just a bit of light soy sauce... yumms! :)

Ok, I've run out of things to fill my fantasy fridge with, for now. And yes, I am that bored. The fantasy fridge thing popped into my head last night while I was having left over super yummy New York cheesecake (of cos!)
Anyways, till I reach another level of boredom... adios amigos... :p


  • At 8:19 AM, Blogger Dandelion said…

    wah... really love food that much huh? that whole stock will last how long? miahhaha.. muat ke fridge? :P

  • At 2:25 PM, Blogger blossoms_stoned said…

    Hehe... tatau la... luxuries yang i xde ma. One can dream , right?


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