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Thursday, April 17, 2008

~*hear no evil...

Had a bout of allergic rhinitis (ENT type allergy ler…) last week. Went to the doctor’s, took some antibiotics and started on the spray again.
The nose has been pretty ok since, but guess what; the ears are acting up now.

It itches, it hurts (my ears are clean, ok.) and I can’t really be scratching them cos the skin in your ears are real delicate. Good thing is that the itch comes and goes intermittently (dunno what other word to use :p), but when it itches… IT ITCHES!

Seriously driving me mad… I know I am already almost there but gawd… it really is kinda horrible this itch thing, and to make it worse, there’s also some kind of stabby pain in the ears along with the itch right now. Scary. Must go to the doc’s again tomorrow, tonight, we have our beloved class with the Suresh. Damn.


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