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Thursday, July 31, 2008

~*monitor monitor, why so blue?

It's 1:45pm, again :) had very yummy dried oyster and peanut porridge. Not sure if it's the hunger or it was really that yummy. Bought from this new, sort of Chinese dessert stall on level 4 of the mall below. Most authentic tasting cheap porridge I've had. Portion's smaller than the ones you get from hawkers but much cheaper, only RM2.90. I liked it so much I had to write about it lor. Yummss...

Yea, my huge monitor's gone blue. I can still use it, but the blue tint was starting to hurt my eyes. It didn't bother me as much when at my old secluded cube when the lights aren't that bright, or maybe it was just depressed being moved to the new cube thus turning extra blue. I dunno. I can't really tell.

Anyways, after getting asked "Why your monitor so blue ar?" like a hundred times yesterday by everyone passing by - which is ALOT of people due to my strategic location, I've changed to another old smaller monitor today. Peace and quiet now.


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