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Saturday, August 30, 2008

~*fly me to the moon...

"How good it is, to be loved by you..."

Ok, that is just the song playing on my player right now. A bit lame la... Buble’s cd ma, what d'ya expect?

Had a darn tiring day. Slept around 1 last night only to be woken up at 2am by the resourceful guy’s text, the one I talked about previously. Pissed me off big time. Shall not get into that now, or ever. Water under the bridge...

Anyways, woke up almost 7 this morning, rushed to the pyramid bowl for the baconshop’s bowling tourney. Roomie and RayKziee were in a team with a couple others, me with a totally different crowd. It was pretty fun. Getting to just hang with people I don’t normally hang out with, and Thank the high heavens I DID NOT suck that bad! Wooo hooooo! I was not the lowest scorer in the team, our team came in 12 out of 26 team, And and… get this, I was placed 14 among all of the female players. Haha… as roomie put it, the upper half, she was 12. Ok la… I thought I was going to suck more.

Went for lunch in Subang with the rest of roomie’s team, shopped for a bit in Pyramid, got myself the slimming gadget thingy at a steal! Before we left, I manage to somehow, after avoiding that particular café in Sunway, bump into him. Him being Ian. I can say his name out loud here cos we've never had a history and ours was a path crossed very briefly yet, strong enough for it to be etched in my memory until now. He is the one that got Buble’s Home playing over and over and over in my head, in my car, in my home etc etc. for a whole week, I think.

Anyways, we needed change for the autopay, so I went to the nearest store there and ordered the cheapest thing, hot doggie. I was waiting for my hotdog and there he was, out of no where, and suddenly standing behind the counter, but thank the high heavens again, he was looking elsewhere at that moment and didn’t see me. ~Dang, Home just came up on the player.

Managed to move to the side and out of his view, contemplating if I should wait for the waiter to get my doggie or make a run for it. Then the waiter came over and told me something about going off to get something. I decided, and ran for it. Not literally la, but I sure walked fast!... forsaking my RM 4 hotdog. A bit loser and big time drama, right. Sigh. Dunno what to say. I still feel, I guess.


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