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Monday, September 08, 2008

~*stop pinching my face, can?

I seriously, absolutely hate facials. I hate having the steamer thing blow hot air to my face for more than 10 minutes, or was it 20, or more??? To open the pores konon, almost suffocating me in the process.

I also hate having someone pinch/squeeze/poke my face with all their might, hurts like fck ok! And, I hate having to lie down in total inactivity waiting for the pores to open, for the mask to dry, for the serum to be absorbed etc etc. I am not one of those that can sit, in this case lie still without doing anything and "relax" to the "soothing music/sounds" - which I usually find annoying because it's so generic, and it's always the "sound of ocean/waves" or sound of something la... boring.

I like massages because during massages, someone IS doing something to you the entire time (hehe... not that la!), but facial, urgh... No doubt i think everyone needs to go for facial, once in a while, but I still hate it. I only get them probably once... in a year or two, so yesterday's facial already hit my quota for this year. At least la, right...


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