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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

~*2.5 days and a counting...

Had a real interesting day yesterday. Bad bad incident in the morning, me screaming etc etc… but overall, interesting. I can’t share much about it since it involves quite a few people. They may not know what they say or did was interesting, but it so hella was! And at the end of the day, I can say that it was a pretty good day/week so far!

2.5 more days till we’re out of the towers. Besides missing the towers, and the spots, I realised there’s one more thing that I will surely be missing – people. Nice, funny people from other depts/teams. In our new bacon place, our floor is only shared among our own dept and one other support group.

You see, my current cube, which, I am shocked to admit is actually at a pretty good location. It’s right in front, so people from every other teams on the same floor, will stop for a chat, flirt, to share a joke etc etc whenever they pass by - a nice lady from other dept just passed by, said a lovely hello and some other niceties, while I am typing this!

I'll also really miss the recreation room here, the place where more friendships and camaraderies were formed with people that I’ll never cross paths with for work related stuff. Sigh. I am so going to miss that. Seriously. :’( My ex team will be far away, I am sitting way inside next to the window... same faces day in and day out. Bosannyer...


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