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Saturday, January 24, 2009

~*bored and wilting in this ridiculous heat!

3rd entry of the day. I am THAT bored. I am sure everyone else is already enjoying their long weekend, preparing for the chinese new year, packing, or stuck in the traffic somewhere around the country, but not me. I am hella hella bored. Not exactly excited about this year's celebration... erm... I don't think I remember being really excited ushering the new year, in a long time. It's just not exactly my thing. The only excitement I can remember from last year was the fireworks. Yea, the bright, sparkling, fiery, beautiful awesomeness that is banned in our beloved country, but make a trip down towards the land where the Hokkien people are plentiful, and the oink oink soups are good on chinese new year eve, and feast your eyes. Surround firework display continuously for more than an hour! Now that would be something to look forward to this year.

Been chatting with a famous photog for the past hour or more I think. At least someone to communicate with at this our la, cos the roomies are already asleep since they have to wake up early for their journey home tomorrow. And nice fella he is - especially because he said I couldn't be older than 26 :) miahahahah, i am a sucka for flattery ma. Don't tell me you're not happy if you're turning 32 this year and people thought your 26, At most. But don't bother telling me if you ARE 26 ar :p

Oh yea, if you're, erm, the few friends who reads this blog regularly, you might notice the sudden shift in my entry style... got PICS one leh! Hehe... just thought I'll try out what a lot of other bloggers do - post plenty of pics with short description and be all happy about it, and maybe up my readership by being more visible after blogging for more than a couple of years, and not leave anonymous comments, And maybe try to earn a bit of the nang dough, but after a few entries like that, I told the small roomie, I feel like I am betraying my little blog leh, and so not being true to meself. Yea, yea, drama drama... but you know what I mean, right? :p

So I thought, ah well, eff it. I can't be a sell out like that. Not here. Maybe I'll create another blog elsewhere just for that... maybe maybe... :p

P/S: Special thanks with all me heart to a certain Mr T who always seems very concern after reading my bitchings, and who's always asking me if I am ok whenever he sees me. I am ok la dear... *hugs*


  • At 1:32 PM, Blogger AporN said…

    Ello there..

    Go on, keep on posting! Life can be bored here in Dubai, but it's chilled! Winter season, yes, winter in desert is quite cold.

  • At 1:38 PM, Blogger Hor ny Ang Moh said…

    Hi! Yalloh it is so hot in the west! I am on 'heat' when in KL!
    Wish u & family a very Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year!


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