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Thursday, January 22, 2009

~*raaaakkkk... :D

Ok, I know I just posted an entry about maybe giving it a try with someone just a while ago. This post is about another person, someone I met a couple of weeks back. Someone who is even more different and unlike me - in terms of lifestyle, erm... country... AND language! (hehe), but I suka lor, what to do :)

I was going to call him yesterday, just to say hi, obviously missing him, but didn't get through, and guess what, he called just now, he called! Hehe... ok la, this one is just a holiday crush and sad to say, definitely has no prospect or future one la... but still... the call make me oh so... mengada happy! I rike... tee heee..... :*

God willing, I'll see you again k... mwahs.


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