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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

~*new year, new beginnings?

Not really. Same old predicaments jumping in and out in front of me. Same of complains of so much to do dunno where to start. Same old need more money whines. Argh...

Just came back from some briefing, which of course means more work. All of these briefings are the same, your name may or may not be in the project list etc. but the work will definitely come our way. I am not exactly whining about the workload, I am whining about needing more directions. Argh. I DO NOT like being in this position. I DO NOT like the work I am entrusted with. I DO NOT LIKE the baconshop. I DO NOT LIKE the butt kissing culture to "climb" the so called ladder and ultimately, I DO NOT LIKE THE CORPORATE WORLD!!! I can't NOT feel "dirty" afterward when I have to be nice to certain people just for the sake of being visible, or to get into their good books. I can't.

I want to get out of this environment, but sadly, doing things that pleases oneself doesn't pay as much as selling your soul in the corporate world. Reality bites.

Ok, I know... too much whining for the new year. Sigh. Really thinking about doing something else though. Really couldn't be arsed about the numbers, figures, people. But of course, again reality bites.

It's January now, 6 months since we all changed portfolios. I remember a couple of months into the new gig, I said i give this 6 months then I am out. 6 months later i am still here doing this. ARGH! Sigh... I'll give this another 6 months to get the projects over and done with, to add some furnishings to my CV and seriously, that's it. The operations work can kiss my (in the process of toning up) bootie buh bye. Seriously. Personal target. We'll see, in 6 months time if i get to bite back reality.

Btw, happy new year to yo'll... yea duh...


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