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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

~*sabai dee mai ka?


Almost 2 weeks since we're back to reality. And these 2 weeks of reality has been pretty rough. Not only do I have to come back to this environment, to the stinky baconshop, then there were the major people issues. I was a walking zombie x10. My boss obviously noticed and was hesitant to even convey a simple "see me for something something meeting". She came over to my place, talked about something else, paused and was about to walk away, and only spill her intention when I asked if there's anything since she walked all the way to my place. I really look horrible (bad skin and all from the very lack of sleep and withdrawal syndrom thingy)as well as from the stress. Ah well... This week, I am ok. Got over (75%) Coke and Phangan. This week my brain and mind is back where it was before I went off, I think. Even my skin's improved. Yay.

So how was my 2 weeks in Thailand? To say it was awesome, would be quite an understatement. It was... awe-inspiringly awesome! I don't think many people would understand what's so great about loitering around some beaches, hanging out with the locals and not hitting the "must see" attractions that those places had to offer. Well, I can't explain it either. And I won't be convincing others to jump on the this kind of travel. I am too selfish like that :p kidding. It's just something that's either for you or not. As for me, there are no better way to travel. Sure, I would still enjoy the more luxury type, see and do all you can while you're there type of vacation, but I think probably because I know Thailand is a place that I will go back again and again, I did not rush myself to do anything... at all. We took our time, and basically just chill out. And this kind of travel, cliche as it may sound, is good for the soul. Really. Sorts you out, sorts your priorities and life perceptions out, because you have enough time to do that. Someone said you don't have to go so far to look for that something (I dunno what was the thing he meant, though), but I wasn't. I was not looking, I started off with just the thought that yay, long vacation, but I ended up overwhelmed with what I've been privilaged enough to experience.

I've never been away for this long before, and frankly, on the 3rd day, I was ready to ask the girls to cut our journey shorter. That was when I was still in the tourist mode and staying at tourists swamped areas. All that changed after we moved locale to a much, much smaller beach. That was when, my real vacation started, I think. When I had the time to just really slow down, and chill, and think, and to contemplate this thing call life. That, was when the awesome part really begin.

Sorry if this entry is even more boring than others, just something to get off my chest. We have a little journal that all of us take turns to write in, during our entire trip. It was Roomie's idea, and it was good! Really. Who knew people who used to dislike blogs could write so much and actually enjoying doing it. Will take some stuff out of there for some future entries... chop di kap peeps... oh, and I miss walking around with my big-ass bag!


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