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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

~*words are all we have to give... now...

Still a smitten kitten but long distance is a big big challenge! I am an impatient, impatient person. When I am in love, yes love, I also get paranoid, over analytical and plain paranoid. It's not easy for me to be positive and sunshiney and all that. But I have to be. :) and I will try to be. I can't force things, I can't make it go faster, there's basically nothing much for me to do, really, actually. I made a choice, and a decision to accept him and to want him, the universe will have to work its magic now. I just have to be patient... but, I am an impatient person! So it sucks. Big time. And now I am rambling on my blog, cos he's on my fb, myspace, gtalk, even ym, so this IS the only place I can ramble! Well, ramble I did! and ramble somemore I sure will!


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