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Friday, January 30, 2009

~*you want to meet me where??

Ok, if someone asks you out, to hang out, someone who's apparently interested in you, not your everyday friends. You would probably think of meeting at places like the cinema, coffee places, the park to walk his bitches ker (girl doggies ma!), dinner ker, or even to watch a concert at the philharmonic if you are all that cultured ar :p

But nooo... guess where someone wanted to hang out this weekend? Jusco supermarket... ta daaa! And I even get to choose if I wanted to meet up at this Jusco or that Jusco! Weeee... Wth. Speechless leh.

I have nothing against supermarkets etc. I love them, but I don't hang out with guys there. I do my shoppings there. Me not in college or highschool anymore leh... Jusco? Seriously?

Had to respectfully decline cos having some family thingy...
Maybe he wants to find out if our shopping personality match? Aih...


  • At 10:06 AM, Blogger Loke said…

    HAHA. ur date is scared of u that is why he / she is dating u in a place where there's a lot of people and lots of 'lights'? HAHAHAHAHA. laughable.

    RYC: i'm not really a big fan of traditional kuih-muih. the reason i'm making is they r simple and tasty. and if i know how to make, i don't have to pay lots for just a small piece at nonya colours.

    r u working at the moment?


  • At 2:14 PM, Blogger AporN said…

    Hey come on, maybe he is the type yg suka masak, and buy barang dapur, hence asking for a date at Jusco.. Can buy somethg for his kitchen n date at the same time.


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