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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

~*Gong xi gong xi... Xin nian kuai ler...

Chinese believe in someting call turning your luck - obviously to turn away the bad ones and bring in the good ones. One of the "tool" to bring in the Ong (good luck) and blow away the Suey (bad luck) is this little fan/propeller looking "gadget". We call this thing erm, chinese windmill (??). If I recall correctly, you can see a lot of these in temples in Hongkong... especially during new year. It looks very pretty when blown by the wind and the more it turns the more ong you'll get, apparently la.

Erm... actually all I wanted to do was just post the pic of this little thing hanging in front of our very humble home, but end up blabbing a bunch pulak... consider this Chinese Culture Ed 101 this Chinese new year la... :)


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